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Called to be God's People

General Shaw Clifton writes of this revised edition of Called to be God's People:

    'The work of the International Spiritual Life Commission continues to bring much benefit to Salvationists across the world since its findings were first made widely available in 1998. We still have cause to be grateful for General Paul Rader’s 1996 decision to bring the Commission into being to reflect together, on behalf of the whole Army, on matters of belief and practice touching our very heart as a people raised up by God for his holy purposes.

    'The outcomes of that work have now been part and parcel of our common life for some years, not least through the writing of Commissioner Robert Street who first compiled Called to be God’s People for publication in 1999. That volume and the accompanying audio-visual materials have proved to be of immense help to us all.

    'The commissioner, whom we thank most warmly, now offers us a revised edition of that earlier work, having introduced changes that bring even greater clarity to the issues in the light of experience since 1999. I pray that this adapted work will be used of God to encourage Salvationists everywhere to understand their faith more clearly, to think about that faith more deeply, but above all to spur on each of us to renewed inner life in Christ.

    'I warmly commend this book.

    'General Shaw Clifton'
Called to be God's People can be purchased in its original book format by sending a sterling cheque for 4.95, made payable to The Salvation Army, to: Communications Section, International Headquarters, The Salvation Army, London EC4V 4EH, United Kingdom.

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