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Orders and Regulations

The orders and regulations of The Salvation Army together make up a manual of operations for furthering the mission on which Salvationists are engaged, a mission to combat the sin and evil that cripples and corrupts men and women in body, mind and soul.

The primary volume of regulations, from which all the others derive their spirit and character, is Orders and Regulations for Soldiers of The Salvation Army, in recent years called also Chosen to be a Soldier, but which could even better be entitled ‘The Salvationist’s Way of Life’. It is through the simple, self-denying, Holy-Spirit-empowered lifestyle set out in the pages of this little book that Salvationists, both soldiers and officers, are enabled to pursue and fulfil as best they can the purposes for which God raised up this movement. These purposes relate not only to the individual but to communities and nations, indeed to the whole of God’s creation, which yearns and groans for the freedom and life that is its destiny (Romans 8:19-23). You can obtain a copy from The Salvation Army in your area.

As conditions, challenges and opportunities change, orders and regulations are reviewed and amended. A recent notable trend has been towards giving territories greater discretion in applying or adapting regulations to fit their particular circumstances, allowing the mission of the Army to be localised and focused on the pressing needs and issues at hand. With this in mind, you should request current copies of the orders and regulations for The Salvation Army where you live from your territorial headquarters. Use our world map page to find contact information.

O & R for Bands and Songsters
O & R for Corps Cadets
O & R for Corps Councils
O & R for Corps Secretaries & Treasurers
O & R for Local Officers
O & R for Over Sixty Clubs
O & R for Work Among Senior PCCs
O & R for Soldiers
O & R for Work Among Young People
O & R Test

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