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25 January 2006 07:48 PM GMT

Announcement of Candidates

(l to r) Commissioners Carl Lydholm, Hasse Kjellgren,
M. Christine MacMillan, Israel L. Gaither, Shaw Clifton

Late Wednesday afternoon the following officers indicated to the President of the 2006 High Council, Commissioner W. Todd Bassett, that they accepted nomination. These nominees are now therefore candidates for the office of General of The Salvation Army (click on name for more information):

In addition to the above names, the following officers were also nominated but declined to accept nomination:
    Commissioner Linda Bond
    Commissioner Phillip Needham

The High Council is now adjourned until Friday in order to give the candidates time to prepare their speeches and their answers to the questions prepared by the Questions Committee.

Michael Marvell, Colonel
Media and Liason Officer
25 January 2006

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