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21 December 1999


Author: International News

FLOODING which is unprecedented in the past 50 years has struck Caracas and the Caribbean coast of the Republic of Venezuela. Although in its infancy in Venezuela, The Salvation Army is responding valiantly to a situation which has wreaked havoc, killing over 200 people with about 7,000 still missing. People in the area referred to the catastrophic flooding as being 'like the end of the world'.

Salvationists from the corps at Maracaibo set out by boat to try to reach Caracas.The port at La Guiara was damaged and so there was a sense in which they ventured into the unknown. The divisional commander of the Colombia and Venezuela Division flew from Bogota, Colombia, directly to Caracas as a vanguard to take care of logistics and to make initial contacts. The roads in the area are mainly impassable, covered with mud and debris from the flooding.

The spirit of the Army is not in short supply as the team offer their help with heart to God and hand to man in the midst of the devastation in these parts of Venezuela.


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