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Published by: International News
 2002 High Council Members
type:JPEG Image
size:2481 by 1754
file size:810k
brief description: Members of the 2002 High Council
2013 High Council candidates
type:JPEG Image
size:160 by 143
file size:689k
brief description: Candidates in the 2013 High Council
Published by: 0
 2013 High Council nominees
type:JPEG Image
size:160 by 110
file size:456k
brief description: Officers nominated in the 2013 High Council
Published by: 0
 A choric Scripture-based presentation by members of the 2011 High Council
type:JPEG Image
size:256 by 170
file size:973k
brief description: A choric Scripture-based presentation by members of the 2011 High Council (Photo by Paul Harmer)
Published by: International News
 A group of Aids orphans from Masiye Camp sing and dance for the General
type:JPEG Image
size:112 by 76
file size:1339k
brief description: Masiye orphans
type:JPEG Image
size:83 by 160
file size:196k
brief description: The General cuts the ribbon to officially reopen Aberdeen Citadel
type:JPEG Image
size:108 by 160
file size:465k
brief description: The General speaks to the crowd outside Aberdeen Citadel
type:JPEG Image
size:160 by 100
file size:716k
brief description: The new worship hall
type:JPEG Image
size:160 by 107
file size:762k
brief description: Aberdeen Citadel, as seen from the street, including the ground-level cafe which is open to the public
Africa Development Office opening
type:JPEG Image
size:160 by 115
file size:4957k
brief description: Invited guests and staff look on as Commissioners Amos and Rosemary Makina unveil a plaque to officially open and dedicate to God the newly renovated Africa Development Office


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