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Sally Ann International - Fair Trade Project
Sally Ann International - Fair Trade Project
Home Economics Programme In Haiti
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Sally Ann International - Fair Trade Project

“I now depend on myself.”

“We used to live in a mud house. Now we live in a tin-shed house.”

“Now I can afford to educate my daughter and my health has improved.”

“Before, I and my husband and our two daughters were often hungry. Now we can eat well every day.”


How can The Salvation Army be true to its Christian mission when faced with the realities of one of the world’s poorest countries?

We find the answer in 1 John 3: 18

‘Christian love must always be expressed in concrete actions.
Words alone are not enough.’

Our concrete action has been the development of Sally Ann International, our ‘Fair Trade’ ‘Trade not Aid’ project.
The mission of this project is to fight poverty, to pay fair wages for fair work, provide safe and clean places of work, promote gender equality, give dignity to the workers and to develop their self- esteem.

The project helps the workers to:
feed and clothe their children,
provide their children with education,
afford better housing
better nutrition resulting in better health
help themselves get out of the vicious circle of poverty.

The project helps The Salvation Army in Bangladesh to:
do business in an exemplary ethical way
generate funds for other Salvation Army projects in Bangladesh
move away from dependency on donors to greater financial autonomy.

Sally Ann International has 3 departments:

Handicrafts: leaf baskets, handmade paper products, wrought iron, embroideries, silk & wood.
Knitwear: sweaters, blankets, cushion covers and other knitted items
IT: training, IT support and software development.

The project started in 1997. At present 350 people are working for Sally Ann International.




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