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Home Economics Programme In Haiti
Sally Ann International - Fair Trade Project
Home Economics Programme In Haiti
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Home Economics Programme In Haiti

The latter months of 1999 saw 45 young women graduating from Salvation Army Home Economics centres in Haiti.
The home economics course covers five subjects - design, pattern cutting, sewing, flour making and cookery.
At the graduation ceremony each graduate models an outfit she has made during the course.

The course itself is an important means of providing skills to enable women to support themselves and their families.

Venice Pierre supports herself by sewing for the community. She says, 'I am proud because I can work for my living just like Dorcas, the "seller of purple" referred to in Scriptures, used to do. Sometimes, when I am selling my garments, people tell me they cannot afford to pay for the goods, so I just give them away. I feel I receive so many blessings from the Lord.'

Marise Appollon, who specialised in cookery, now has a shop of her own. She bakes bread and caters for parties, making cakes, pastries, cookies and sweet bread.

Monica Forestall, mother of three children, graduated in pattern cutting and sewing. At the beginning of the school year she makes school uniforms and sells them. She also makes special dresses for Easter and Christmas.

This work provides her with a small, steady income to support her growing family.Other students who completed the course some years ago are now teachers themselves.

This home economics course, run in conjunction with women's ministries, is proving to be productive in not only producing independent women, but also encouraging them to join the other activities within the home league

When it was discovered that in Haiti the children's school uniforms were falling to pieces for the want of buttons and thread, the USA Central Territory's Global Mission Team launched a 'Buttons for Haiti' campaign. This resulted not only in thousands of buttons, but boxes of sewing thread, needles and safety pins.

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