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Sally Ann International - Fair Trade Project
Home Economics Programme In Haiti
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14 November 2001Sally Ann International - Fair Trade Project
Our concrete action has been the development of Sally Ann International, our ‘Fair Trade’ ‘Trade not Aid’ project. The mission of this project is to fight poverty, to pay fair wages for fair work, provide safe and clean places of work, promote gender equality, give dignity to the workers and to develop their self- esteem.
16 October 2001Home Economics Programme In Haiti
The latter months of 1999 saw 45 young women graduating from Salvation Army Home Economics centres in Haiti.
16 October 2001Never Too Old To Learn
THE scene resembled a university graduation anywhere in the world. Some 500 graduates were resplendent in mortarboards and gowns. They were joined by relatives, friends and photographers. There was a sense of excitement and achievement.
16 October 2001The Other Side Of Paradise
A report on the efforts being made by The Salvation Army in the South Pacific to help some of the region's most needy people
16 October 2001Streetlife: The Hand Of Friendship
WHAT comes to mind when you think of street people? Is it the man busking in the train station, instrument case on the floor, eager to receive your coins? Or the man crouched outside the McDonalds restaurant, holding a piece of cardboard which tells you he is hungry and homeless? Or perhaps the 'wino' who sits in the shopping malls in a perpetual state of stupor?
16 October 2001It's A Spiritual Thing
IN Bangladesh, one of the most densely populated countries in the world - and one of the poorest - The Salvation Army is seeking to assist people meet their basic needs by improving their health and raising their standard of living. But while many of the Bangladesh Regional Command are aimed at alleviating human need and suffering, Salvationists there have not lost sight of the fact that the cup of cold water offered in Jesus' name is a spiritual as well as a physical ministry.
16 October 2001Where The Dragon Meets The Pagoda
THE Salvation Army’s Singapore, Malaysia and Myanmar Command is symbolised by the pagoda and the dragon. It is a command of incredible contrasts between the extremely wealthy information society of Singapore and the extreme poverty of Myanmar where to reach some centres takes a four-day walk through the jungle.
16 October 2001A Ray Of Hope In The Rainbow Nation
IN rural South Africa, alleviating poverty and achieving a healthier society are prime objectives for any aid programme. The family health programme, a comprehensive project initiated by the Southern Africa Territory of The Salvation Army, seeks to give just such practical assistance to many in remote areas.
16 October 2001The Right Person For The Job
The Salvation Army has been helping people to find jobs for more than a century. The Founder, William Booth, commenced this work when he started the world’s first free labour exchange in the 1890s as a practical support for the many thousands of people looking for work. In Australia, on 1 May 1998, The Salvation Army Employment Plus agency became part of the network which replaced the old government-run Commonwealth Employment Service.
16 October 2001Mustard Seeds
AT the dawn of a new millennium, there is a lot of talk about how people in the rich Western nations have far more of everything than they could ever need while many in developing countries struggle even to stay alive. The Salvation Army’s United Kingdom Territory has decided enough is enough and, to mark the new millennium, it is setting up a fundraising project called ‘Mustard Seeds’ which will help in a small way to redress the balance.
16 October 2001Seeking To Solve The Romany Riddle
THE Czech Republic has a difficult problem to resolve when it comes to gypsies (or the Romany people, as they call themselves). Two generations ago, the Romanies were uprooted from their homes deep in the Slovak mountains ...
16 October 2001Exploring Income Regeneration
A recent summit held in Southern Africa drew professional delegates and practitioners from the USA, Sweden, Bolivia, Bangladesh, Mauritius, Lesotho, Namibia, Mozambique and Zambia. Its mission was to reach at least 12 million of Southern Africa’s poorest families through the provision of micro finances for self-employment and economic empowerment by the year 2005.

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