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Poverty Summit Opens Second Discussion Theme
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Poverty Summit Opens Second Discussion Theme

Poverty Summit Opens Discussion on Another Theme

A new Theme

The current discussion on the Poverty Summit moves onto Theme 2: ‘The Experience of Poverty.’ There is a paper by Rev Glenn Schwartz that every Salvationist should read (and a visit to World Mission Associates website would pay handsome dividends to anyone who is concerned about the issue of dependency). This is followed by a response from a young officer from the India Eastern Territory – and Salvationists there know something about poverty and also about self-sufficiency.

To widen the scope of discussion four papers follow – all to do with the subject of ‘Technology for Life Enrichment’. What can be done to help the poor tackle their poverty and how can we all – individuals, churches and corps – become more self-sufficient. The discussions are presented in the contexts of Information Technology, Use of the Media, Intermediate (Appropriate) Technology and Human Capacity Development.

These are all important. But of even greater importance is the testimony of people who are poor still or have been poor. They have the experience of what it is like to be poor. The Internet Conference provides the opportunity to make these views known.

The Archive.

Discussion papers from Theme 1 have now been moved to the archive. However the discussion on any – or all – of the topics presented in Theme 1 is still accessible. The process is exactly the same as for the current discussion. There is still opportunity to contribute a view.

Technical problems

Technology is good – if it works! Undertaking a conference on the internet and via Lotus Notes is proving to be an interesting and challenging, and sometimes frustrating experience. That technology works in some cases is seen in the responses from far and near, from Congo Kinshasa to Canada; from the United Kingdom to The Philippines. However not everyone has been able to obtain access to the Lotus Notes database yet. The experts are working on it. Conference visitors and participants are encouraged to keep trying and, if not successful, keep urging (politely and gently of course) their IT department/Lotus Notes administrator to find a way to open the database.

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