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Poverty Conferences Ends
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Poverty Conferences Ends

“Voices of our Global Family – The Salvation Army and the Poor”: First international conference held on the Internet closes.

“This is the first time that The Salvation Army has opened a conference of such significance to public scrutiny,” commented General John Gowans, when the conference was launched on November 12th 2001. Now almost three months later the conference comes to an end as of February 4th 2002. Those who have contributed papers and joined in the discussion throughout the conference have represented twenty-five countries.

Subjects covered in the main papers and papers on related topics were:

The Call to the Excluded
The Salvation Army and the Poor – A Historical review, Voices from the past.
The Salvation Army and the Poor – Voices from Churches Emerging from Dependency
Searching for a Meaningful Way to help the Poor
The Salvation Army and the Poor – Voices to Prosperous Countries
The Impact of Poverty in Rural communities in Tanzania
The Salvation Army and the Poor – Voices from our Partners

                  A Look at Poverty in the context of Global Economics Today
The Salvation Army and the Poor – the Voice of Donors
The Deformation of the Gift
Alcohol and the poor
Children are especially poor
Educate, Inform and Entertain – Broadcasting and the Poor
Education and the poor
Emergency services and the poor
Enterprise development
Evolving Salvationist identity
Family life and the poor
Finding Hope through Community capacity development
Gender issues and the poor
Health Services and the poor
Homeless and Poor?
Impact of Castism, Tribalism and Clan on Poverty
Intermediate Technology
Key moral issues in wealth and poverty
Land for the poor
Micro Credit
Lifestyle and good news for the poor
Poverty and Information and Communication Technology
Promotional and fund-raising policies and the poor
Race, Racism and the poor
Refugees and Asylum Seekers are especially poor
SA and International debt relief
SA Missionary strategy and ministry to the poor
SA Music and the Poor
The psyche of poverty
War, violence, TSA and the poor

A report will be submitted to the General in due course, in the meantime the website will remain accessible to the public.

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