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Technical Problems Continue To Plague The Poverty Summit
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Technical Problems Continue To Plague The Poverty Summit

Technical Problems Continue To Plague The Poverty Summit

As the internet conference proceeds there are some users of both Lotus Notes and the Internet who have experienced difficulties in accessing the internet conference.

Some have found that a simple finger error or case change has frustrated them

Dr Mirriam Cepe writes:

Greetings from the Philippines.

Since I have been home I wanted to participate in the internet discussion. However, my phone-line at home cannot be used for data calls. I have to access my e-mail in a friend's house. Just to let you know that I am very interested but we are limited by the modern technology access I have here in the Philippines at the moment. I guess this is one of the limitations of "being poor".

Whenever, I will have the chance, I hope I can still contribute.

Conference president, Commissioner Paul du Plessis, speaking about the conference to TransWorld Radio remarked: 'We were always aware of the challenges we would face, but will be undaunted by the technical difficulties some have experienced. Overcoming these difficulties will, in itself help remind the Army of the difficulty of cultivating relationships with the poor.'

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