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Conference Process Reported To The General’S Consultative Council
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Conference Process Reported To The General’S Consultative Council


In reporting to the General’s Consultative Council on current progress and challenges being encountered in the Poverty Summit, Commissioner Paul du Plessis referred to some of the difficulties participants have faced: access the Lotus Notes database; the continuation in normal work mode has meant that some who had promised contributions and those who want to participate have found difficulty in finding time; a major difficulty has been that the ‘poor’ have found themselves largely excluded from the conference in its use of technology not available to them (this includes access to a reliable telephone connection).

The commissioner mentioned the fear of some in making public comment. Many have expressed great interest in presentations, have commented favourably on the emerging emphases, but have been reluctant to express their views publicly.

The conference is scheduled to conclude by 4th February 2002. Moderators’ summaries will then be consolidated. The conference task force will meet to consider the consolidated summaries, and to prepare a draft report to the General.Target date for the report to the General is 8th March 2002.
Proposals for further action are likely to be included in the interim report.

The commissioner spoke of the positive impact the conference is already having on central strategic reflection and planning, especially on finance issues.
'In spite of the difficulties, I am confident that as the process continues we will achieve something of the original goals of being able to listen to the voices of our global family.’

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