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 28 June 2004 Conclusions Of The Task Force On The Internet/Lotus Notes Poverty Summit
 30 May 2002 Conclusions Of The Task Force On The Internet/Lotus Notes Poverty Summit
The basic question posed to the conference was that of the relationship between The Salvation Army and the poor. The group recognised that not only are we the poor and for the poor, but we are also with the poor. These historic commitments remain though we admit that in the past we have compassionately cared for the victims of poverty but have done little to address the unjust policies and practices in society which impoverish them.
 29 May 2002 Abstracts Of Papers Presented To The Internet Conference:
Abstracts Of Papers Presented To The Internet Conference:
 5 February 2002 Poverty Conferences Ends
 24 January 2002 International College For Officers Joins The Poverty Summit
 24 January 2002 Conference Process Reported To The General’S Consultative Council
 24 January 2002 The Poverty Summit Takes A Look At Salvation Army Programmes And Policies To Date.
 20 January 2002 Poverty Summit Moves Forward
 27 December 2001 Technical Problems Continue To Plague The Poverty Summit
 27 December 2001 Territorial Questionnaires - First Results Posted
 7 December 2001 Poverty Summit Opens Second Discussion Theme
 19 November 2001 The General Launches Web-Based Poverty Summit
 9 November 2001 Bangladesh Prepares For The Internet Conference
The Salvation Army, Bangladesh was to have hosted the Poverty Summit which is now to be held on the internet...
 16 October 2001 'The Salvation Army And The Poor' Conference To Take Place Online.
People have been - and still are - the focus of The Salvation Army's mission. It is people who comprise this global family and it is people who give it life and vitality. Who are those people? Are they still the poor and disadvantaged? Are they still 'our destiny'? An international conference is being convened to consider these questions.

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